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When You Can No Longer Afford Divorce Counsel: My wife filed a Complaint in Divorce circa December 2012. To date we have made very little progress and I have incurred legal fees just over $15K. I was unemployed from January 2011 to May 2013 and have used the majority of my emergency fund for living expenses and legal fees. I have recently returned to work, but my cash reserve is depleted. My attorney has been very understanding of my financial situation and has afforded me multiple discounts and free services, but I can no longer afford his representation, less going into debt.

I know it is not wise to continue without representation, but I simplly don't have the money. What can I do?

Lidia’s answer: Try to come to an agreement, try mediation or just give something of the contested issues up. Divorces are often expensive because parties are hurt and not because the issues are complex

Me an my wife only been marred for three moths .we want a an analment .: we just dont get along

Lidia’s answer: You may want an annulment for religious reasons but unless you have one of a few grounds for annulment, it is not available to you.(See here 23 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 3305 - Not getting along is not one of the grounds for annulment. You will have to go through divorce. However, divorces in PA are inexpensive and easy.

I need to know what our next move should be, what would be the best defense in this case, if theres anything he can do to lessen: My boyfriend, with whom I am having a baby with in two months, just got himself arrested and is facing the Intent to Distribute charges. The night he was arrested, he was driving around with a family member, they had gotten into a heated arguement and she started driving recklessly. He kept asking her to let him out but she refused, and he called 911 "in fear of his safety" he states. She pulled over, he states that when she did he frantically grabbed all his things and she threw a bag at him thinking it was his and took off, the member denies ever throwing anything at him. The police was sent out and they found him on the side of the road walking, approached him, even though he was complying with them and not doing anything threatening, he was handcuffed for "police safety" and then searc

Lidia’s answer: He needs an experienced criminal attorney. Possession with intent is a serious charge

Hello, my fiance was just charged with a DUI. His preliminary hearing is today and we don't have a lawyer or public defender.

Lidia’s answer: Bad idea to proceed without an attorney. Judge may dismiss some charges if the judge believes that there was no probable cause to move the charges to the higher court. However, probable cause is a very low standard for the Commonwealth to meet

I just got a 3rd dui. what will happened to me???

Lidia’s answer: Unless there is an acquittal, there is a mandatory jail time. Only an experienced criminal attorney can tell you if there is a possibility of of acquittal, possibility of house arrest etc. If you cannot afford an attorney, you should apply for a public defender. This is as much of an advice any attorney can give you online

Does a charge for public drunkeness go on your permanent record and affect future employment?

Lidia’s answer: If public drunkenness is the only charge, it should not affect your future employment because it is a summary offense. Moreover, even if convicted, it is expungeable in 5 years. You may want to fight the charge

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